Thursday, October 7, 2010

weekend plans

What's up this weekend for this midwestern gal?

Fall fun, of course!

This weekend in OurTown, the weather is predicted to be unseasonably warm (we're talking 75 degrees, people... this is the real deal). You better believe I'll be living it up in the beauty of the sun... because Lord knows two months from now I'll be curled up in my house - fire lit, slippers on.

First on the list? CORN MAZE (photo via
If you have not ever experienced the glory of the corn maze, you should run, not walk to your nearest, grab a nifty maze-map (or don't... that would be hilarious), and go!

Here. I'll help. Click me.

The corn mazes (that sounds weird. mazes? mazi? mah-zeh? ) 'round these parts also have bonus competitions - like searching for pumpkin-shaped hole punches all around the maze. If you find so many of them, you get a cookie (or just a pat on the back... whatever). As if getting to the end of the maze weren't enough...

MyMan and I also have plans to visit the pumpkin patch.

We're a little competitive, MyMan and I... and will be choosing only the very best pumpkins for our (yes, two-person) carving competition (photo via my buddy Martha).

There is no doubt my carved pumpkin will be finished off with a hair bow on her stem. Gotta keep people straight on whose work-of-art is whose... you know? I will post pictures so you can be the judge of the real artist in this duo. This is important stuff, people... usually in these competitions, there's a 30-minute back rub at stake!

We'll round out the weekend with a family birthday celebration. I'm hosting, which means I should probably vacuum. And dust. And clean the glass on my coffee table. Oh, and come up with a menu. Mmm.... better get to work.

'till next time,

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