Saturday, November 13, 2010

what's up this weekend

Happy Saturday, everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

It's a gloomy morning here in OurTown, and just perfect for crossing things off my to-do list. Don't you just LOVE crossing things off your to-do list?

Here are a few things on my list today:
  • Cover my porch furniture with a tarp that I have yet to purchase. Snow's about the fly here in the midwest, and my adirondack chairs won't survive if I don't give them a blanket. :) Now I need to figure out where to purchase a tarp.
  • MyMan and I have a special anniversary coming up.... and I am going to take some time work on the project I have in mind. He checks this blog once in awhile... so I'm going to leave it at that (hi sweetie!)
  • I'm a fru-gal (ha! get it?) at heart, so I have grand plans to get kleenex almost free at walgreens, and MyMan's favorite 'za, DiGiorno is also almost free at our local food market, so I'm planning to stock up!
Have a great weekend, all!

'till next time,

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