Thursday, September 30, 2010

Friday Faves!

(Thanks Real Simple for the sweet fall pic!)

Friday Faves!

Here are a few things I’ve discovered lately and am adoring!

1. Moisturizer As Fall rolls in, the weather in OurTown gets colder and my skin gets drier. As you probably feel on your face as you read this, Fall makes moisturizer a necessity. Recently, I tried Dr. Rey’s All Day Long Daytime Moisturizer and I’m hooked. It leaves my skin feeling awesome all day without feeling oily and nasty. The best part is that right now it’s available on hautelook right now for 50% off. Gotta love that.

2. Bootsbootsboots I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of riding boots for the fall, to channel the very small part of me that wishes I rode horses.. and keep my feet warm and cute, dressed up or down. Check out THESE beauties! Now for the most important question.. brown or black? Let me know what YOU think!

3. MANI TIME! I was inspired by Cee’s post about nails and I too have been spending a little more time with my fingernails and cuticles. As a top coat, I’ve been thrilled with Sally Hansen's Mega Shine. It makes my nails super shiny and keeps my polish from chipping or wearing off. In fact, I keep getting distracted while typing this, because of the insane shine that is beaming off of my nails.

4. Our pooch Sugar, aka Shug, Shuggie, and The Best Dog.

Okay okay, I might not have discovered her recently, but I certainly adore her and she deserves to be on a list. I'd love to show you a pic of The Best Dog, but today happens to be a record-setting bad hair day for our beloved pooch. Once the hair situation has been addressed, we'll post a portrait.

What are some of your faves lately? Don’t keep those secrets to yourself because really, how cruel is that?



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