Friday, October 1, 2010

baby baby

Today I'm thinking about The Stork, who has been making frequent visits to OurTown lately. It's very exciting, because it means lots of my girlfriends are now super-cute-soon-to-be-mammas! How fun!

I'm a huge proponent of creative gift-giving, especially when it comes to welcoming a new little life into the world. It's a big deal... so let's act like it - right?

Several weeks ago, I came across a darling Etsy shop called Petunias (such a sweet name, too!), and have found an adorable, unique, practical-yet-memorable gift. It's also affordable, which ranks right up there on my "gotta have it" list. Check out these fluffy blankets with birth stats!

One month ago today (happy one month birthday, baby Logan!), MyMan became an uncle for the second time, and we chose a light blue and brown fluffy for his new nephew.

We were delighted when it arrived!

The fluffy side is super cuddly soft, and so cute with its "Petunias" tag...

Since baby Logan's family lives far away from OurTown, we're shipping it to him, tied up just right in a brown satin bow.

Since I think it's fun to add a little something extra, I tied a blue polka dotted ribbon around some baby spoons I found at Target.... and VOILA!

Off it goes!

What are some of your favorite ways to gift creatively?

'till next time,

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