Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The view from here

Hey all!

I'm blogging from my iPhone, enjoying the view here in the Terminal at MSP airport. I've not done the blog-from-a-mini-iPhone-keyboard thong... uh, **thing** before, so let's all just take a deep breath.


Hi again.

My flight this morning left at an ungodly hour. No, seriously. I haven't been up this early since finals week in college, and at that time, it was so early I hadn't gone to bed yet. My connecting flight is slightly delayed, but I'm enjoying the time to myself, just enjoying the view.

Like many of you, flying is not all that new and exciting to me. I do it enough so that there is no need for clenching of fists, gum chomping, or feeling under the seat to make sure there actually is a floatation device. Not that any of that's ever happened.

Annnnyway. Every time I fly, and am seated in a window seat (EVEN though i logged in last night and chose an aisle seat, ahem), the view *of* the earth, *from* the sky completely captures me. There's something about those houses, those highways, those lakes, and those freshly cut farm grasses- that are so big when I'm on the ground- yet so mini from the sky- that makes me think about perspective. So big, yet so small.

We have much to be thankful for, no?

Warm thanksgiving wishes to you and yours...

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